Water Away Capsule
     In July of 2011, Tropical Depression "Nock-Ten" ravaged Northern of Thailand. In October, floodwaters reached the mouth of the Chao Phraya (Near Bangkok, capital of Thailand). There’re 65 of Thailand's 77 provinces were declared flood disaster zones.The depression damaged over 20,000 square kilometres (7,700 sq mile) of farmland. Flood took 5 months, August -  December of  2011,caused 185 Billion Bath damaged, affected 3,151,224 people from 1,154,576 families, 700 deaths.

     There’re 50 thousand cars and trucks were destroyed by flood. Water Away Capsule’s founder , Pichai Wattanavitukul, drived pass the expressway saw many cars were parked on the expressway to run away from floodwater. As he saw this he thought there must be a way to protect vehicles from rising floodwaters. He began the process of designing the Water Away Capule, shorted as WAC ,the products were producted from Linear Low Density Polyethylene, which is sticky , thick and waterproof. It is produced in cylindrical shape, with 7.5 meter circumference, 10 meter length and the thickness is 150 micron. The product is produced by  single sheet material forming method with special design concept "One Piece & Seamless". Therefore, the water can't get in, because of seamless specification, no joint, no welds, no zipper. Especially, material is Linear Low Density Polyethylene, which is high strength, tough, puncture resistance.
     After global search for the right firm to manufacture the WAC, he located Thai Factory with the professional skills and experiences in the production of large scale factory for commercials grade plastic products. The protypes were built, throughly tested and made ready for production. In short period during 2011 flood in Thailand, we have tested and proven by big sale volume in short period, with more than 10,000 packs. There're so many customers use our products in real situation with no claim.



Interviewed by Modern 9 TV